How to Update the N-Series End Point Firmware with a USB Drive

How to Update the N-Series End Point Firmware with a USB Drive

This article is for customers who need to update their N-Series end point devices using a manual USB drive method.   

To begin, you must first login to the and download the latest N-Series device firmware available.

Select your device and then "Virtual Appliance" as shown below.

Next, make sure you put both of these files in your USB drive you will be using to update your N-Series device as shown below.     The "catalog.txt" and the "Nxxx_FW_ver_3_0_1_1.tar.gz" 

Next, in the user interface on the N-Series device, click the "Settings" gear icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen.     Then go to the "Management" tab and then the "Update" tab.      

Once here you can select USB (Manual) in the "Update" drop down menu, as shown above.     Next, in the URL/File field, type in the firmware file you wish to download from your USB drive.   See example above.

Now, it is time to plug your USB drive into the N-Series device.     If you had done this step already, just unplug the USB drive and then plug it back in so it is recognized.    Once you are done, press the "Update" button shown.

If the process is proceeding correctly you will get the message below.

Next, press the yes button if the information looks correct here.

The device should then go through a download and update process that could take 5 minutes or more.

You do not want to interrupt this process in anyway as it will ruin the device and void the replacement warranty.

Be sure to wait until the device has fully recovered after the update before attempting to edit or use again.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this process, please contact your NComputing support channel for a resolution.
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