How to update Linux kernel in SDA for RX-HDX

How to update Linux kernel in SDA for RX-HDX


In some earlier versions of the SDA for RX-HDX, the device comes with an older version of the Linux kernel (4.9.35+). In some rare occasions this Linux kernel version may result in occasional freezing of the device.
We recommend customers upgrade their SDA for RX-HDX devices to the latest supported Linux kernel version (4.14.26+).


  • Connect SDA for RX-HDX to a RX-HDX device via the provided USB cable.
  • The RX-HDX should have an internet connection or be connected to NoTouch Center (device management virtual appliance).


There are 2 methods to update the SDA for RX-HDX Linux kernel:

Method #1: Manual SDA Linux kernel update via NoTouch OS (RX-HDX device)

Option (a):  You can use the following NComputing URL which contains the SDA Linux kernel update script to manually update the device:
In this case, go to your RX-HDX device (NoTouch OS), open the Configuration UI, go to ‘All > Extension’ and enter the above NComputing URL as the value for the ‘User-defined module URL’ parameter:

Option (b):  You can download the script from the NComputing URL above, and then put this script into your own web server accessible via HTTP protocol. No Touch Center appliance can be used for that purpose. You will then provide your own HTTP URL (instead of the NComputing URL) to the ‘User-defined module URL’ parameter as shown above.

Note: Rather than manually typing the HTTP URL on the RX-HDX device, it may be easier to remotely connect to RX-HDX via your web browser (on a PC or laptop) by simply pointing your web browser to the IP address of the device. Then you can simply copy the above URL from your PC/laptop and paste to the User-defined module URL parameter of RX-HDX via the web browser. Please refer to this KB for remote web browser access to the RX-HDX device. 

Method #2: Remotely perform SDA Linux kernel update via NoTouch Center

You can also perform this SDA Linux kernel update remotely on multiple connected SDA for RX-HDX devices.
From NoTouch Center, go to the ‘Extension’ menu (in device’s or group’s settings) and enter the above NComputing HTTP URL as the value of the ‘Extension module URL’ parameter:

Expected behavior

  • When the SDA Linux kernel update module is deployed to RX-HDX device, the device will spend up to 120 seconds waiting for the SDA to appear. This is a background process and is not blocking anything else.

  • If no SDA is detected within 120 seconds from RX-HDX bootup the process will finish.

  • If an SDA is detected, its current kernel version will be checked:

  • If the kernal version is 4.14.26+ the process will finish.

  • If the kernal version is 4.9.35+ the update will start:

  • A red blinking notification will appear on the main screen:

  • The Citrix logo will disappear from the SDA and an update notification text will be displayed:

  • The SDA will be rebooted at the end of the process (after approximately 20 seconds). The red blinking message will disappear from the main screen. Both devices will resume normal operation.

  • If the SDA kernel has any other version, the process will finish.

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