How to Set Up RX-300 for AutoLogin

How to Set Up RX-300 for AutoLogin

Product Line:  VERDE

Question:  Can RX300 perform automated login to VERDE with predefined ID/password at power-on?


Yes, you can provision the device to launch automatically. 


In the RX 300 configuration Window.

Steps:  1. Select “VERDE VDI Client” from “General” tab.

             2. Select “Connections” tab, input “VERDE Connection Broker”  IP or URL.

                  If there are multiple VDI resource assigned to this user, please select “Connection automatically” and input the specific name of that resource, i.e. the gold image name

                 Select RDP for Windows VDI resource.

             3.   Select “Kiosk mode” tab, select “User auto-logon”, input “Username”, “Password”, and if needed “Domain”.


Please remember to “APPLY” all changes. 


With above configuration.  upon RX 300 device boot up, the device will automatically log into the assigned VDI broker and launch the VDI resource.  if only one (1) VDI resource is assigned to the user, that VDI resource will launch automatically without specific “connection automatically”  

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