How to Set Up a Specific DNS Server's IP Address on VM Environment

How to Set Up a Specific DNS Server's IP Address on VM Environment

Product Line:  VERDE


An application the customer installs in their Gold image needs to have a direct pointer to their DNS server to work properly.

We do not provide an input field within the Netcfg import file to specify a DNS server.


This can be accomplished by a simple configuration within the Gold image that will override the default Verde DNS setting:


I tested this process with both a Windows 7 and Windows 10 Gold image.

I am showing the configuration steps below, using a Windows 7 Gold image.


Steps to configure a Static DNS Server within a Gold Image

I did a ‘Check-out’ of a Windows 7 Gold image and went to Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center.

I selected the LAN Interface for Verde NAT Network, since this is the default Network used when editing a Gold image.

I went to TCP/IP Properties and set a Static DNS server:  (This is my Windows 2016 Active Directory Server with DNS).

I did a ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Check-in’ of the Gold image.

I provisioned Active Directory Users with a Session Settings that has the NETWORK configured for Bridge and imported an Netcfg file with the required fields.

I logged in using my AD Credentials (jborsini@verde) and was able to see my Static IP address and Computer name in Live Sessions on the Management Console.

IP address:   Computer Name”  PCLabBr9

From within the Windows 7 virtual Desktop, I started a DOS Command shell and entered:  C:\nslookup

You can see this points to the default DNS server that was configured in the Gold image.

Here is the view of the DOS Command:  C:\ipconfig /all

Notice the Static DNS Server listed:   DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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