How to RESTORE VERDE Images/User Data When Deployment is via STATIC in the Desktop Policies

How to RESTORE VERDE Images/User Data When Deployment is via STATIC in the Desktop Policies

Product Line:  VERDE

STATIC deployment method is not typically used, but, if there is a need, you may at some time need to recover from a server crash, a user image corruption, etc.

Refer to the following.  You ARE dependent upon regular, scheduled backups.

For proper deployment, set the Desktop Policy/Deployment to "STATIC"

User robinpurv accessed the Win1021h1 guest image and installed Chrome.  Then shut the image down.  Then accessed it again and installed FileZilla and shut it down again:

After the second shutdown, here's what the directory structure looks like:

Now, back up the entire /robinpurv/Win1021h1/ directory and contents.  YOU MUST capture/copy/backup all hidden files.

Now delete the robinpurv directory.  It's to simulate a crash or corruption of an image.  If it's merely a corruption, the customer can delete the entire directory and replace it like I'm going to.

Move the contents of the backed up /robinpurv/Win1021h1/ to the new, empty directory.

Take note, root owns the directories.  Run the following command:

chown -R vb-verde:vb-verde <robinpurv>

Now, user can log into their image.

All their "stuff" is back.

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