How to RESTART the VERDE/VERDEOS Internal DHCP Service

How to RESTART the VERDE/VERDEOS Internal DHCP Service

Product Line:  VERDE

There may come a need to restart VERDE's DHCP service.  To do so, perform the following:

  1. Shutdown all sessions.
  2. Stop VERDE service - "service VERDE stop" or "systemctl stop VERDE" for CentOS 7.x and above
  3. Check that dhcpd process disappears from the working processes: "ps -e | grep dhcpd"
  4. If you receive something similar to the following, you'll need to kill it:
    22266 ?        00:00:00 dhcpd”
  5. To kill the service, run the following command:   kill -9 22266
  6. Start VERDE service - "service VERDE start" or "systemctl start VERDE" for CentOS 7.x

    You should be able to now log into a VERDE session.

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