How to remotely shadow NComputing clients with PMC Endpoint Manager?

How to remotely shadow NComputing clients with PMC Endpoint Manager?

PMC Endpoint Manger (version 2.7.0 and higher) provides support for HTML5 device screen shadowing.

The software components allowing HTML5 device screen shadowing from PMC act as yet another VNC viewer application. The VNC screen shadowing feature needs to be enabled on the managed devices for the PMC screen shadowing feature to work.

Please refer to this video tutorial on how to shadow session using PMC Endpoint Manager:

Note: The Raspberry Pi-based devices (RX300, RX-RDP, RX420(RDP) and RX-RDP+) can use the hardware-based H.264 decoder to accelerate the video decoding in RDP, AVD and Windows 365 sessions. The output of that hardware H.264 decoder is inaccessible for the VNC server and thus the shadowing of the device only shows a black screen. To allow shadowing on RDP, AVD and Windows 365 sessions, the H.264 support needs to be disabled. It can be done by specifying following custom parameters:

  1. For the RDP sessions: /noh264
  2. For the AVD (and Windows 365) sessions: h.264 support=b:false

Screen shadowing of devices running RDP or AVD sessions will be possible then, however the session performance can be slightly degraded. We recommend to only temporarily disable the H.264 support, for the duration of the troubleshooting session, and to re-enable it then for the normal operation.

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