How to Register vSpace

How to Register legacy vSpace products and devices. (For classic vSpace 6)

"Classic Versions" like vSpace 6 will be permanently discontinued after June 30th, 2020.  
Please upgrade promptly to our latest platform  vSpace Pro

If you are using version 6 because of terminals that are not compatible with vSpace Pro 11 or Enterprise edition, likely, these are also outdated and need to be upgraded.  

You can see our new line of products and consult your sales representative or authorized partner about updating your product.    

If you need technical support to guide you on your upgrade, you can contact us here.

About registration (Classic vSpace 6 Environment)

Product registration is required for every NComputing access device and vSpace host.  When you install the vSpace Software, this will by default operate in "trial period" until it is registered.   In such trial mode, client sessions typically time out after one hour, with a clear label on the screen reminding you to register.

Choosing to ignore the reminder will cause the connections to stop until registration happens.

Registering is quite easy. You can access the Registration Wizard within the Programs list of your Windows PC:  Start > All Programs > NComputing vSpace > vSpace Registration.       

Bear in mind that you are attempting to register a classic environment that is now obsolete, and while this is still available until June 2020, when you are performing a registration, it is imperative that the system you're trying to register is able to provide the sessions in trial mode and all terminals are able to connect and establish a session in the host server.  

As you'll see in the instructions below, performing an off-line registration involves creating a file which is a fingerprint of your system. Therefore, it needs to detect every client you are trying to validate along with the vSpace Software. 


When registering the software, make sure all associated access devices are connected to the host PC and are able to sustain an active Windows session.  Once all thin clients are connected and working within your trial mode, you are ready, to launch the registration wizard and follow the next steps.

When the wizard starts, you will have tree options to accommodate different scenarios: 

1. Register vSpace Server Software.  Please choose this option in order to register.  

2. Get Additional Licenses.  This was used previously when you had to validate a vSpace Client license or if you were indicated to use this choice by Tech Support during troubleshooting.  

vSpace Client is no longer in sale and has been replaced by Client Pro, compatible with vSpace Pro 10.

3. Complete Offline Registration.  Keep this option in mind, you will use this last option later, once you received from us your license via email.  

Then, as you choose the first option and follow the prompts of the wizard, you'll find out later, through the middle of the process, that you have a choice to perform a registration offline and save the "fingerprint" file in your computer.  That is the registration file that you're going to send us via email. Once you save your file, you can close the wizard. 

Once you are ready with your file, please visit this link: There, you will be able to pay your manual processing fee and upload your off-line registration file. Give us about 24 hours to process this, and we will answer you via email. In your response, you will have a License File attached. 

At that point, launch the registration wizard and choose the third option "Complete Offline Registration" and go through the prompts in order to provide the wizard with your license file.  

Once you complete this, your system should be validated. 

Additional help

Some concepts we mentioned above, can be seen visually on this video: "Integrating the vSpace Platform - Part 2".  The specific part that speaks about registration is here

It will cover the entire process of online registration and an alternative registration via email.  Please, pay special attention to the tips and specific instructions during the process.  

Please, keep in mind that this solution it's only temporary and will no longer be offered after June 30, 2020. Our best suggestion is to upgrade your environment. Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or tech support for your upgrade needs.  

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Last Edited: May 18, 2020