How To Recover the RX300 Firmware Image

How To Recover the RX300 Firmware Image

Please note that this procedure is for the RX-300 (Black and Magenta chassis) thin client only.  All other RX family devices (like the RX-RDP or RX-HDX) will not benefit from this procedure and you can void your warranty if the steps outlined in this document are performed in the wrong device

The RX300 device has a firmware recovery mode (firmware version 3.1.3 or newer) that can recover the corresponding images in case the firmware gets corrupted. Hopefully you will never have to use this. If you do, please follow the steps below to enter the firmware recovery mode.

The RX300 firmware recovery image is Linux-kernel-specific, so depending on the last RX300 firmware version that was installed on the corrupted RX300, there will be different recovery images.

The table below summarizes the mapping between the last installed RX300 firmware version on the corrupted device to the corresponding firmware recovery package version:

Look closely to the different firmware versions offered below. In order for the recovery to be efficient and avoid further possible issues, we recommend using the firmware image that is closest to the version installed in your device. Once you recover the unit, you can update the device to the latest firmware as desired.



(Last installed firmware version)

Corresponding firmware recovery package version


3.8.1 Recovery image  (download here)

4.0.5 - 4.2.2

4.0.5 Recovery Image (download here)

4.2.3 - 4.2.11 (or higher versions)

4.2.11 Recovery Image (download here)

Please follow the steps below to apply the RX300 firmware recovery image:

1. Download the corresponding RX300 Recovery Image above (based on the last installed firmware version) onto a USB pendrive. Then connect the USB pendrive to the RX300 device.

2. During the reboot of RX300, press and hold the power button (located on top of RX300). A few seconds into the reboot it will bring up the “Recovery mode for RX300 device” window. Select ‘Firmware Recovery’.

3. The “Thin Client” option is pre-selected. Click 'OK' to proceed. 

4. You will be prompted with a file navigation window to navigate the content of the connected USB memory stick. Choose the recovery image and click “Open” to proceed with the recovery procedure.

5. After the image is recovered, please click restart to reboot the RX300 and exit the recovery mode.