Recover the RX-RDP Firmware Image

How To Recover the firmware Image for RX-RDP, RX-RDP+, RX-420(RDP) and RX-440(RDP)


The following procedure will help you when you have a persistent issue with your device's firmware configuration or if you are in need of restoring the unit beyond a common factory settings reset.
Below are the instructions on how to restore the original internal firmware image equipped in your device using the firmware recovery mode feature.   

Please note that this procedure is for the RDP Series of the RX family of thin clients. (Color coded with a Black and Blue chassis). All other RX family devices (like the RX300 or RX-HDX with different colors on the chassis) will not benefit from this procedure and you can void your warranty if the steps outlined in this document are performed in the wrong device.

Also, please note that this document refers to two separate firmware images made or the RDP Series of the RX family of thin clients. When referring to the hyperlinks below, linking to the firmware image, make sure that you use the correct link that matches your exact device.        


  1. You will first need to prepare a USB memory stick with the corresponding recovery image, which can be found in the download links below: 
    NOTE: Applying the wrong firmware image into your device could void the warranty. The links are clearly labeled for each device. Please be sure to download and apply the correct image for your devices.  
    Download the following thin client recovery image that matches your device and save it to a USB memory stick: 

    For RX-RDP+, RX-420(RDP) and RX-440(RDP) use this link:
  2. Reboot of your RX unit, press and hold the power button (located on top of the device). A few seconds into the reboot it will bring up the recovery mode window for your device.

       2. Select “ Firmware recovery” option, and it will display the “ Thinclient” firmware option.

   4. With the firmware image file saved on your USB memory stick, please, insert it via the RX-RDP, USB port.

   5. You will be offered with a navigation window where you can search for the connected USB memory stick contents. Choose the recovery image and click “ Open”.

   6. After the image is recovered, please click restart to reboot the RX-RDP and exit the recovery mode. This should conclude the process.

REV 06/2023.

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