How to install vSpace Pro Enterprise in restricted network environment (e.g. offline deployment)?

How to install vSpace Pro Enterprise in restricted network environment (e.g. offline deployment)?

To deploy vSpace Pro in restricted Internet network environment (e.g. offline environment), it is mandatory to have a minimum of 2 host machines. One host machine (Host A) is used to deploy the vSpace Manager component. A second host machine (Host B) is used to deploy the vSpace Pro Server & vSpace Console component.

On Host A (VM can also be considered), where the vSpace Manager Service will be run, it should always have Internet connection (https via port 443) as it needs to periodically communicate with NComputing Management Portal.

On Host B, where vSpace Pro Server service and vSpace Console will be run, can be provisioned to be completely without Internet access (i.e. offline), as long as Host B can connect to vSpace Manager on Host A.

With this approach all the NC users can connect and run the desktop session on Host B, without internet access.

Please refer to the vSpace Pro Enterprise installation guide (attached PDF doc) on how to setup & deploy vSpace in restricted network environment.


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