How to Implement VLANs on VERDE (rpm)

How to Implement VLANs on VERDE (rpm)

Product Line:  VERDE

As of this writing, a script has been developed to create the required NIC interface files and the appropriate configuration in support of VLANs.  The target VLAN should be available and recognized on your switch.

You will need to
  1. Download the attached script (
  2. Upzip it
  3. Move it to the VERDE server's /root directory
  4. Make it an executable ( chmod a+x
  5. Execute the script ( ./ create)
It will immediately check to ensure a program entitled "socat" is installed.  if it's not, it tell you to do the following and then exit from the script:
                  yum install -y socat

Once "socat" is installed, run the script again  ./ create

it will continue and ask the following:
physical-NIC[eg: eth0]:      <----You need to supply the NIC interface name that this VLAN will be using.  Mine is em1, so I respond as follows:
physical-NIC[eg: eth0]: em1

After pressing enter, you'll see the following:
verde-primary-ip-address[eg:]:    <-----You need to input your VERDE server's IP address.  I input as, so I respond as follows:

After pressing enter, you'll see the following:
vlan-id[eg: 100]:           <------This is asking for the VLAN name/tag to be assigned to ID this vlan.  My vlan tag name is 25, so I respond as follows:
vlan-id[eg: 100]: 25

After pressing enter, you'll see the following:
vlan-ip-address[eg:]:    <-----This is asking the IP address of your new VLAN.  Mine is so I respond as follows:

After pressing enter, you'll see the following:
vlan-netmask[eg:]:     <-----This is asking the netmask for you new VLAN.  Mine is so I respond as follows:

After pressing enter, you'll see the following:
Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ to /etc/systemd/system/verde-socat-25.service.
Restarting network (via systemctl):
vlan 25 created [ Verde bridge : bridge-25 ]

The script has created the interface files and restarted the network.  if you do an ifconfig, you'll see the new interfaces:

Following are the contents of the two interface files:

Finally, in the Management Console/Configuration/Session Settings/Network, in order to use my new VLAN, I implement the following:

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