How to get NComputing NoTouch Management Center

How to get NComputing NoTouch Management Center

In order to manage your NComputing RX-HDX devices you will need to download and set up the NoTouch Virtual appliance.  The appliance is currently available for VMWare ESX as a downloadable ova file. You can find the file at the NComputing Management portal 

You will have to have an account in the Management portal to access the file. You can either login, or create a new account

After you have logged in, you will see the Management portal tab

You will then be at the Management portal home page, Select the icon for My RX-HDX Deployment

On the left navigation panel, select "Software Downloads"

You will now see the option to download the VMWare NComputing NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance OVA file.

At this point you will now be able to follow ESX administration policy to setup and connect to the Virtual Appliance.  From there you will have the ability to configure the Appliance to meet your organization needs as well as connect and manage your NComputing HDX devices.