How to get IP-Redirection to work when the Cluster Master is Completely Dead.... DNS or Gateway

How to get IP-Redirection to work when the Cluster Master is Completely Dead.... DNS or Gateway

Product Line: VERDE

When a "normal" failover occurs, the IP naturally redirects to the new Cluster Master (Candidate).  This occurs on the Management Console, VERDE-Client and RX-300.  If the failover occurs due to a completely dead Cluster Master server, this doesn't happen.  The user has to know the IP of the CM Candidate. 

Two ways around this.  One is Gateway, the other is DNS. 

Isolated GATEWAY:
The advantage using an internal Secure Gateway is that ALL access to the Verde Cluster would now be done through the static Gateway IP address, not the Verde Cluster.

The VERDE Admin would need to create an A-Record in his DNS Zone like:    -  And point it to the IP address of the Gateway.

Then if the Cluster Master were to fail or not be reachable, the Cluster Candidate would take on the role of Cluster Master and the Users would continue to point to the same Gateway IP address (using Verde Client or RX-300 Thin-clients), since the Gateway would know the current IP address of the Verde Cluster.

The VERDE Admin could do is a manual process, to create an internal DNS name of the Verde Cluster, when you configure the RX-300 Thin-clients that points to the IP address of the Verde Cluster. Then, if the main Cluster node goes down, you could login to your DNS Table and update the IP address of the DNS entry to point to the new IP address of the Verde server.  This usually only takes a few minutes to propagate the new IP to the endpoints and you wouldn’t have to change anything on the endpoints.
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