How To Enable BRIDGE networking with or without a DHCP server

How To Enable BRIDGE networking with or without a DHCP server

Product Line:  VERDE

BRIDGE networking is a built-in feature of VERDE/VERDEOS.  Instruction for enabling it in VERDE is different from VERDEOS, but it is very easy.  Even when running on AZURE.


 ·         Once VERDE is installed, run the ifconfig command.  It should resemble:

You want to take note to the NIC name that is being used by VERDE.  In my screenshot, eth0

You need to enter the NIC name (eth0) in the Management Console/General Settings/General Settings as follows:


A requirement for BRIDGE networking is you need a DHCP server to assign the IP addresses.  If you don’t have a DHCP server, you can use the NETCFG user interface to assign the image an IP address and a guest name.

First, we need to create a BRIDGE Session Setting as follows:

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