How to Disable PXE Boot in The Gold Image

How to Disable PXE Boot in The Gold Image

Product Line:  VERDE

A number of customers have requested a method to disable  the PXE ROM boot program (via TFTP) on boot up.

When Verde launches a Gold image (at least when you create new Gold image), it loads the PXE ROM boot program (via TFTP):  efi-e1000.rom

So, in the following steps, rename and re-create it with a null file to replace it.


"Renamed the file:   efi-e1000.rom   to another name.  It is located in the path:  /usr/lib/verde/etc/pc-bios-git/

I used Mozilla FTP and did a rename to:  efi-e1000.rom_renamed


Then I created a brand new file:  efi-e1000.rom  and used ‘vi’ to edit it and only inserted a zero character.  Then I saved the file.

It seems that when I create a new Gold image, the initial start-up process is much faster."

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