How to Create New Users and assign Permissions in the Management Portal

How to Create New Users and assign Permissions in the Management Portal

A best practice on using Management Portal accounts is to have a single main account for your organization or at least the local deployment you manage and invest.  Having a single account for your organization, will allow a centralization and control of all host, devices, licenses and benefits of the entire deployment to be managed.  No matter where it is deployed or broken in sectors. 

In one of the  many   possible  case scenarios, your organization may have  many branches and an admin in each branch.   Within your  account  you can create profiles and grant partial or full permissions to the users that  need  it.    Simply put, you can have your main Management Portal account, and  have different sub accounts under it with different and particular levels of access.

1. How to add a new user

To add a user follow the steps below: 

1. Login with your credentials at

2. Click on the Management Portal tab. 

3. Click on Manage Users 

4. Click +ADD button to add new user

5. Complete the form and click Save button

This will complete creating a new user. 

2. How to add roles to the users I created.

1. Just in the same way you added the Users, you add Roles. Click in the Roles button.

2. Then, click +ADD 

3. Enter a description for the new role and select the desired permissions and click Save

4. You may decide to have many role descriptions and particular permissions assigned to each.  Once you created the roles you need, you can switch back to the Users by clicking the Users button

5. Click on the username you want to modify

6. Now you can assign permissions to this user. 

Please note that a user can be assigned multiple roles.

REV 05/19