How to create custom Generic USB redirection for a specific peripheral device?

How to create custom Generic USB redirection for a specific peripheral device?

Please refer to RX-RDP, RX420(RDP), RX300 and LEAF OS user configuration guide for additional details:

Generic USB redirection of custom devices identified by VID and PID

Some USB devices appear on the USB bus as so called Vendor Specific Class devices (with 255 or 0xFF USB device or interface class code). Neither the RX-series firmware nor LEAF OS can properly categorize such devices as printers, smart card readers, audio, etc. To enable the Generic USB redirection for such devices the Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID) numbers identifying the USB device need to be added to the Custom VID:PID list.

To add a USB device to the Custom VID:PID list click the [ + ] button located under the list and then specify the VID and PID values (as not prefixed hexadecimal numbers) or select the device from list of currently connected USB devices and press the [Add] button:

Note: Only generic USB redirection will be used for custom VID:PID devices. Generic USB redirection and Native redirection of peripheral devices are mutually exclusive! If the Native redirection method is selected for some USB device then its VID and PID values must not be added to the Custom VID:PID list. Adding a USB device to Custom VID:PID list will most likely prevent the Native redirection!

Note: Additional requirements and limitations apply when using the Generic USB redirection with RDP protocol.

Removing USB devices from Custom VID:PID list

To remove a USB device from the list of custom devices configured for Generic USB redirection select the device on the list and click the [ - ] button.