How to Configure Multiple Domains and Nameservers in VERDE

How to Configure Multiple Domains and Nameservers in VERDE

Product Line:  VERDE

Yes, you can add support for multiple Domains and Nameservers.

The way you can use multiple AD Domains that require multiple DNS Nameservers is to install a Utility on the Verde server called:  DNS Master Query  (dnsmasq)


Quick Overview:

  1. Install the dnsmasq utility on the Verde server (see attached instructions)
  2. Create a special file in the /etc folder called:  dnsmasq.conf that includes each Domain name and its supporting DNS Nameserver IP address
  3. Edit the /etc/resolv.conf and point to your Verde server as the initial DNS server  (i.e.
  4. Start the dnsmasq service


I have also provided a sample version of the /etc/dnsmasq file  (as attached)

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