How to Change the Management Console Language

How to Change the Management Console Language

Product Line:  VERDE

From time to time, we get requests to change the Management Console's language.  For example, from German to English.  By default, the language is set by the user's browser language.  There is a workaround:

The attached script will replace the German language resource files for the Management Console with the default (English) resource files. Notice that VERDE service must be restarted after this for the change to take effect.


Essentially, what happens is:

If you look in this folder:


you'll find all the language resource files.

The file name format is something like "<mc component><_xx>.properties" 


mc component refers to various UIs of the Management Console - e.g., Desktop Pools, App Layers, etc.

_xx is the abbreviation for the language - e.g., _de = German - the default (English) resource file does not have this part


So: is the German language resource file for the Desktop Pool UI components is the default (English) language resource file for the Desktop Pool UI components


The script above simply overwrites all * files with the *.properties files - e.g.,




It also makes a backup of all the * files before the copy.


Then - it restarts VERDE service.


I recommend that you first make a complete copy of the /usr/lib/verde/etc/apache-tomcat/webapps/mc/WEB-INF/grails-app/i18n folder somewhere in case the script totally destroys the contents 😉


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