How to Assign Specific Printers to Specific Users

How to Assign Specific Printers to Specific Users

Product Line:  VERDE

There are a few ways to assign and control Printing
       1) Allow redirected Printing in Session Settings ‘SECURITY’ tab (see below)

This allows the User to access local printers (connected to the endpoint) from the virtual Windows desktop

NOTE:  You can set this Flag in one Session Setting and assign to one Group of Users and you can create another Session Setting that does not allow redirected printers and assign to another Group of Users that you don’t want them to print to printers connected to their endpoint.

2) Control Printers from within Active Directory security with Group Policy Objects (Allow User 1 access and NOT allow User 2 access)

3) Install Printer drivers within the Gold image and make the network connection that ALL Users of that Gold image can use

NOTE:   You could control the use of installed Printers by creating a Clone or a Gold image ‘Copy’ that either has the embedded Printers or not,

and provision to different User groups with Verde Desktop Policy to ‘Allow’ access to Printers or ‘No access’ to Printers

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