How to allocate Premium Feature Licenses

How to allocate Premium Feature Licenses or Software Client licenses

When you own Software Licenses like vSpace Pro Client, or you are awarded free licenses along with your AMP subscription, these licenses will need to be allocated to a server of your choice in your NComputing deployment. 

Here is how to allocate your licenses: 

1. Open vSpace Manager and click your account name in top right. Select ‘Open Management Portal’. This will open a web browser and will point it to the Management Portal

2. In your browser, select ‘My vSpace installations'.

3. In the tree of options at the left of the window, select 'My Licenses' 

4. Go to the license you want to allocate and click ‘ALLOCATE’. 

5. Your total available licenses will be ready for allocation by clicking on the plus symbol at the bottom right. 
In the example below, there's only one server to allocate licenses into. However, if you have more than one server, it will also up here on this list and you will be able to disburse the licenses as you deem necessary among any listed servers.  

6. Determine how many licenses should be allocated to this server and click 'SAVE'.  In the example below, we are allocating only 3 licenses out of 5 available. 

7. Licenses are now assigned and subtracted from the available pool. Your licenses are now allocated and you can proceed to connect your clients.  


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