Session Multiveiw

How to access the vSpace Session Multiview Dashboard using a non-admin account in vSpace Pro 11 LTS?

The vSpace Session Multiview Dashboard, a popular feature from vSpace 8, is back in vSpace Pro 11. This MultiView Dashboard provides a dashboard of active session thumbnails, allowing a lead user to message other users, take control of their sessions.

The Multiview Dashboard can be accessed using a non-admin account with a valid MultiView passcode set up by the admin (in vSpace Pro 11.2.0 or newer version).

This enhancement further enables classroom and workgroup use cases by allowing teachers or team leaders to manage their users’ sessions.

Please refer to instructions below for admin user to set up the Multiview passcode in vSpace Console:

1.       From an admin account, launch vSpace Console and click on “Manage Servers”.

2.       Select the vSpace Server which you would like to setup a Multiview passcode for non-admin access.

3.       Select ‘Settings’ tab on the left panel to configure the passcode.

4.       Enter your MultiView passcode (up to 10 characters) and click “Apply”.

Please refer to instructions below for non-admin user to access and launch the Multiview Dashboard.

1.       Login to a non-admin vSpace session and left click in the system tray to show notification icons.

2.       Hover the mouse over “N” icon (NComputing) and right click to show menu.  Left click on “MultiView” option.

3.       Enter the corresponding MultiView passcode setup by the admin.

 4.       Once the valid passcode is entered, vSpace Session MultiView Dashboard will be launched for the non-admin to manage the users’ sessions.

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