How do I extend or renew NComputing product licenses?

How do I extend or renew NComputing product licenses?

The following document will provide you information on how to extend existing product licenses like AMP, Aged Device Licenses, PMC, Verde connection licenses and others. 

Instead of purchasing a new batch of licenses, which would rather overlap on your existing licenses, there is a way to continue the life of your existing licenses without breaks or interruptions when the original purchase period of these expire. 

For the sake of an example, we will show the process for AMP licensing.  This process should be similar for other renewable products as well.  

Important Note if you purchased through a reseller.

If your Management Portal customer account is currently linked to an authorized NComputing reseller then you must contact them directly to extend or renew your licenses.


You can tell if you are linked to a reseller by logging in to your Management Portal account and check the My Reseller selection:


If you do not have a reseller assigned to your account, then you can go on with the below instructions.

Another important note regarding these options. 

The Extend and Renew option is available only for certain NComputing licenses. The examples in this document reference AMP licenses. If the NComputing license has an EXTEND button as described in this document then it is eligible for the feature.

Sign in to the Management Portal under your account.  

Once in the home screen, depending on the product you own, click on one of the relevant home screen icons to view your existing licenses from your Management Portal account:

• My vSpace Installations

• My VERDE Installations

• My PMC Installations

Then click on My Licenses

For context, below are the differences between the extend vs. renew functionality:




Changes to the

number of licenses



Effect on Start and

Expiration Dates

The start date is unchanged. The license is still in force. Automatically extends the current license expiration date by the standard term of the license being extended. (e.g., for NC-AMP-1A 12 months is added to the existing expiration date)

The start date becomes the system date at the time the renewal

transaction is completed. The expiration date is based on the standard term of the license being renewed. (e.g., for NC-AMP-1A the expiration date is calculated by adding 12 months to the start date)


Extending an existing license is particularly useful as it ensures there is no gap in service caused by a license expiration event.

In the example below, we are extending AMP licenses.  

Let's look at unexpired licenses and see how these can be extended: 

By default, the list of unexpired licenses is displayed:



Clicking the EXTEND button starts the process of extension.


Now, let's look at expired licenses, and see how we can renew them. 

Select the Expired option in the LICENSE STATUS filter:

From there, you can click on RENEW.

From there, Payment is next. 

After clicking EXTEND or RENEW, you will be prompted with our refund policy acknowledgement:


After clicking CONFIRM you will be prompted to complete the purchase.


Note: If you do not have a credit card on file with NComputing then you will be prompted to enter your details or select PayPal as your payment option. 

When Extending an unexpired license:



Notice that you may not adjust the quantity as this has been already predetermined by the licenses you currently own
Click the acknowledgement checkbox, then click RENEW oPayPal to complete the transaction.

The expiration date of the selected license is immediately updated. No further action is required.

When Renewing an expired license:



Enter the desired quantity then click the acknowledgement checkbox, then click PURCHASE or PayPal to complete the transaction.


The renewed license is immediately added to your customer account. No further action is required.