Gold Image Check-out and Check-in hang and are stuck in 'Pending' Status

Gold Image Check-out and Check-in hang and are stuck in 'Pending' Status

Product Line:  VERDE

VERDE version: 6.6.x

Host/Server: N/A

Guest/Image: N/A

Client/Workstation: N/A


In VERDE 6.6.x, the situation may arise where the Status of the Gold Image (when viewed in the Management Console) shows to be pending and never progresses past that phase.  This probably means that the MC and the database are no longer communicating.  This is a known issue for 6.6.x and should be resolved in VERDE 7.x as the developers changed the architecture of the product that obviates this issue.

The workaround for this is to run this command from the active Cluster Master:  

/usr/lib/verde/bin/ restart


This command resets the Management Console but does not affected connected VDI users. This will probably fail-over the Cluster Master to a new candidate.  

Log in to the Cluster Master and finalize the check-in or check-out steps that may be left.  You should log in to the User Console as mcadmin and see which Gold Images can be accessed.  Compare the Image names vs. what is shown in the Management Console and make sure they are in sync.

For example, let's say you accessed the UC as mcadmin  and see that a Gold Image named "Test_win7_32" is available for updating, yet when you look at the Gold Images page in the MC, that very image is shown to be checked in. All you have to do is click on the "Check Out" button under the Actions column and that image's status should immediately correct itself and be shown as a checked out image.  There should be no need to update the image's status from DBVisualizer.

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