Getting Started with RX-HDX

Getting started with RX-HDX and get latest firmware updates

As of July 1, 2020, NComputing has formed a new partnership with Stratodesk, making the official Stratodesk branded OS and management center available on NComputing devices.

Enterprises and organizations using NComputing thin client products based on NoTouch OS, including RX-HDX, RX-HDX+, RX420(HDX), RX420(STDK) and EX400, can now easily migrate over to the official Stratodesk image.

Please refer to the following helper guide on how to access the latest NoTouch software (NoTouch OS firmware and NoTouch Center) from Stratodesk:

About this guide

NComputing still maintains its previous NComputing branded OS and management center images for existing customers who need to have access to these images:

The following is a quick start guide to get you started with the RX-HDX thin client solution. To access the latest Stratodesk NoTouch images, please follow the link above to obtain access.

Once you complete these steps, you will be eligible to:

  • Access latest RX-HDX firmware (including Citrix Ready workspace hub functionality) and NoTouch Center Device Management Software
  • Gain access to NoTouch Center and unlock the 1-year bundled software maintenance update subscription that comes with your RX-HDX purchase to access future software and RX-HDX firmware updates
  • Extended default RX-HDX hardware warranty (extending the standard 1-year from the date of manufacture warranty to 1-year from the date of first use)


1. Create a new NComputing Management Portal account

This is where you will be able to register and manage your RX-HDX devices and download NoTouch Center and future software/firmware upgrades

Go to, click on login|register to create NComputing Management Portal account for your company.

2. Download NComputing Virtual Appliance (which includes NoTouch Center installation)

Once you have created an NComputing Management Portal account, you will be able to download the NComputing Virtual Appliance.

The NComputing Virtual Appliance is a 64bit Linux-based Virtual Appliance (VA) preconfigured to run in virtual machine environment. It includes NComputing NoTouch Center to manage RX-HDX thin clients plus an easy-to-use web-based administration interface to perform tasks such as updating or backing up the Virtual Appliance.

To download NComputing Virtual Appliance:

Login to website using your account created in step 1. Then, click on the ‘management portal’ link on the top menu to access the NComputing Management Portal.

Select “My RX-HDX Deployment”:


Then select the “Software Downloads” tab and click on NComputing NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance to download the OVA file.  The NComputing NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance is shipped as an OVA file (Open Virtualization Archive), the single-file version of an Open Virtualization Format image that can be easily used with all current virtualization platforms.

3. Install NComputing NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance

Once the Virtual Appliance (OVA file) has been downloaded, please follow the instruction in the link provided below to install the NComputing NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance.


4. Connect your RX-HDX devices to NoTouch Center

Once NComputing NoTouch Center Virtual Appliance has been installed, you can then establish RX-HDX thin client connections with NoTouch Center in multiple ways. Please refer to the link below for details.


5. Register your RX-HDX devices with NComputing Management Portal and access RX-HDX firmware update

Once your RX-HDX devices are connected to NoTouch Center, you can then register your RX-HDX devices to NComputing Management Portal to access both RX-HDX firmware updates and NoTouch Center software updates. Please refer to the link below for details:

6. Upgrade RX-HDX firmware (recommend using NoTouch Center)

Once you download the RX-HDX firmware update file from NComputing Management Portal, there are multiple ways to update the firmware to your RX-HDX devices. We recommend using NoTouch Center to deliver the firmware update. Please refer to the link below on different ways to update the RX-HDX firmware.

Additional References:

·         RX-HDX Thin Client Quick Reference Guide

·         Citrix Ready workspace hub User Manual

·         RX-HDX Secondary Display Setup

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