RX-RDP Firmware

Where can I find the latest firmware for RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP)?

To ensure the best performance of your RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) device, please ensure you have the latest Firmware.

You can find the latest RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) firmware from NComputing software download page:

There are multiple ways you can update RX-RDP firmware:
- via FTP Server
- via HTTP URL
- via connected USB memory stick (supported on a RX-RDP device with firmware 2.9.1 and higher versions)
- via PMC Device Management software.

You need to login to the NComputing Software download section to retrieve the correct file. As of October 22, 2020, the latest  RX-RDP FW version should be 3.4.4. The latest RX420(RDP) and RX-RDP+ FW version should be 1.10.10.

Important note:
After the first-year complimentary AMP for RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and  RX420(RDP) has expired then the RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) device can only receive firmware updates from PMC. Furthermore, extended AMP for RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) licenses must be purchased and allocated to each RX-RDP, RX-RDP+ and RX420(RDP) device to allow PMC to push firmware updates.

Please refer to this linked KB article with an explanation of AMP benefits in detail.


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