FAQ: VERDE 8.2 Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ: VERDE 8.2 Frequently Asked Questions.



What’s new in VERDE 8.2?

VERDE 8.2 is our latest VERDE-VDI offering and has been upgraded to use the latest Red Hat / CentOS QEMU-KVM modules for increased performance and hardware emulation capabilities.  This means that we are now fully supporting both QCOW 2 and QCOW 3 image formats.

We have added support for NComputing’s RX300 and our UXP protocol including support for NComputing’s Chrome browser based VCAST add-on for smoother streaming of YouTube and Windows Media streaming of videos to the end user device.

A new more flexible licensing management services has been added to VERDE 8.2 that provides greater control of where license keys should be used and the ability to move license keys from multiple instances of VERDE within a registered user’s infrastructure.

Is VERDE free to download and use?

VERDE can be downloaded as a trial version but requires a per concurrent seat license for any connections past the initial trial. Contact NComputing or your local reseller to obtain a download key to obtain a copy of the VERDE 8.2 software.

How do I download the trial version of VERDE 8.2?

A VERDE 8.2 trial download can be obtained by filing out a VERDE trial download request form on the NComputing website.  Based on this request, we will contact you with a download redemption key that you can then use when you login to our management portal and go to the VERDE download page.


Is there any documentation to help with the installation and administration of VERDE 8.2?

VERDE provides release notes, documentation for configuration sizing, installation planning, and detailed installation steps when downloading your trial license.  A VERDE 8.2 administration guide is also available at the same time that describes how to create gold images, administer users and sessions.  In addition to downloadable PDF documentation an online, searchable, version of these documents is available on our website.

Our extensive collection of Knowledge Base articles is another excellent source of information about VERDE and includes installation and performance tuning tips we have gleaned over the course of development and internal testing of VERDE 8.2.  The KB articles are easily searchable from the support page of the NComputing website.


What installation options do I have with VERDE 8.2?


The VERDE 8.2 installation medium is either a set of RPM packages which you install on top of a previously installed Red Hat or CentOS 6.9 server OS or you can opt to install on a bare metal machine using the VERDEOS installation package that comes pre-installed on a copy of CentOS 6.9.  VERDEOS has two flavors, the ISO package which can be burnt to a DVD and used as your server boot media or an IMG package that allows you to save the IMG file to a standard USB stick and then boot your server to using this device.

The RPM package provides a more flexible installation as you have more control of the OS packages installed beyond the minimum install of CentOS.  The VERDEOS package has an easier menu guided installation process with the limitation that the OS image may not contain all of the latest patches or device drivers needed or available on your hardware.

Installation assistance is also available directly from VERDE through a professional services engagement.


What endpoint devices are supported in VERDE?

 VERDE provides a downloadable SW client application that allows any PC, Mac, or Linux desktop to connect and authenticate to a VERDE host system. We also support the VERDE client tools on our RX300 thin client as well as third party Windows or Linux embedded thin clients. Clientless access to VERDE is supported via any HTML5 compliant browser.


What desktop and protocols does VERDE support?

VERDE supports both Windows and Linux based desktop OS’s as equal citizens and these desktop VMs can be run simultaneously in any VERDE based host system.  Currently we support Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 as either 32-bit or 64-bit desktop implementations.  Windows Server 2008, 2012r2 and Server 2016 are also supported when running in Desktop Experience Mode. For Linux desktops, we support Red Hat, Centos, Ubuntu, Mint and Linux Lite desktops as well.

VERDE 8.2 is currently hosted on Red Hat or Centos 6.9 servers.

VERDE supports multiple protocols depending on the endpoint, guest desktop OS, and thin client. A VERDE client and protocol compatibility matrix can be found here:

Tell me more about the Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) for VERDE and its benefits.

In VERDE 8.2 our support and maintenance option has been rebranded as the NComputing’s Annual Maintenance Program (AMP). VERDE AMP provides access to our standard support offerings of online KB and unlimited ticket submissions, phone and chat access to VERDE support technicians, access to VERDE upgrades, a web-based end-point device management platform and all firmware upgrades for the RX300 thin client.

VERDE 8.2 requires AMP for VERDE in the first year of service.  Annual renewals of AMP for VERDE are required to maintain the advantages of the premium support. Regardless of AMP it is possible to use our self-help and web-based ticketing system for less critical issues and information access.

Is there a free trial for AMP program for vSpace Pro 11?

Yes – a free trial period of 30 days from the date you register your first vSpace Pro 11 vSpace Manager is automatically provided. You will automatically receive all the AMP benefits during this period, including all inclusive premium features, complimentary licenses and enhanced support.

How to determine how many AMP seats if I decide to subscribe to AMP after the free trial?

The number of AMP seats to purchase is based on the number of peak concurrent users who will be accessing VERDE at any one time.

I am using an earlier version of VERDE now, should I move to VERDE 8.2?

Yes. VERDE 8.2 comes with many new enhancements that are beneficial to customers and bug found in earlier versions of VERDE have been added to VERDE 8.2.   Please refer to the VERDE 8.2 release notes for a list of the most significant fixes.

Any new issues identified in earlier versions of VERDE would likely be slated for fixes based on VERDE 8.2 and this will mean that upgrading to VERDE 8.2 now will ensure that any future point releases will always be the best supported version going forward.

Can I upgrade to my VERDE 8.2 from earlier versions of VERDE?

Yes, an upgrade path has been defined, tested and documented from VERDE 7.x to VERDE 8.x. Upgrades from earlier versions than VERDE 7.x would be possible and assistance to perform this upgrade can be provided as a Professional Service.

What about NComputing’s support on older VERDE server versions?

In an effort to continue to innovate and bring out the best possible features and experience to our customers, we recommend that migration plans to VERDE 8.2 be put into place for earlier versions of VERDE and that these plans be implemented within six months of the release of any new version of VERDE-VDI.

If I don’t have AMP for VERDE, what is my support option?

You will still have full access to the product documentation and help center to access a variety of knowledge base information and can file tech support ticket up to 3 occurrences per year. However, keep in mind that there will be no upgrades or enhanced support which includes live chat and phone call support.