External/Shared Storage - Minimal Requirements

External/Shared Storage - Minimal Requirements

Product Line:  VERDE

The shared storage is a key component of a VERDE cluster, the overall performance of the system will depend on its ability to deliver the required output. For this reason home built NFS servers are not supported as a viable solution, VERDE requires a vendor supported NFS or CIFS server/appliance, so that the vendor can be accountable for the delivered performance (or lack of). Below is a summary of the requirements:

  • Vendor supported dedicated and optimized NFS storage appliances such as IBM N-series, IBM V7000U, EMC VNX series.

 The storage appliance  must be:

  •  POSIX permissions and locking capable
  • NFSv3 capable
  • NLM locking capable
  • Able to enable no_root_squash
  • Sized according to VB recommendations regarding performance (IOPS), capacity (TB), and network bandwidth (Mbps)
***NOTE*** You cannot use FreeNAS with VERDE.  This restriction has to do with the security of your linux system and having the NFS device enable no root sqaush.  FreeNAS does not have a no root squash option which opens up not only your file system to attack but also your server.  You can find the same requirement for no root squash in VMWare and Citrix


Here is an article that explains this:



NFS, no_root_squash and SUID - Basic NFS Security


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