Enabling SSH

Enabling SSH for N-Series Remote Support

Enabling SSH and providing NComputing remote access to an N-Series Device.  

On occasion NComputing requires access to the root level of the N-Series, to facilitate this, a couple things must be done:

1.       SSH must be enabled on the N-Series devices

a.       Open the device settings and navigate to the Security Tab

b.       Click on the SSH tab:

c.       And the check the “SSH enabled” box

2.       Either give the N-Series device an external IP address or enable port-forwarding on your router via port 22 to the internal IP address of the N-Series device.

3.       Once you have either provided the N-Series device either an external IP address or set up port-forwarding, please provide NComputing the IP address for remote connection.

Once the NComputing has completed the required task or logging, you will be notified, you can then turn off the port-forwarding or move the N-Series device back to an internal IP address.

Article: 1020