Down Grading VERDE Release

Down Grading VERDE Release

Product Line:  VERDE

There may be a need to "back out" a VERDE upgrade.  This should be used with caution.  Often, an upgrade makes database changes.  The downgrade may break the database.  In my example, the server was originally VERDE (rpm) 8.2.3, upgraded to VERDE (rpm) 8.2.6 and then downgraded back to 8.2.3.

On the servers (CM..CM Candidate, VDI, etc.) have the 8.2.3 rpm's in the /root directory.  Make sure all other *rpm's are gone.

As you know, stop VERDE services on all the VERDE servers (/usr/lib/verde/bin/rc.verde stop)

Run the following on the CM server first:

 rpm -Uvh --force *.rpm

Log into MC-Cluster Master.  When you're logged in successfully, do the downgrade to the Candidate and the VDI's.
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