Do I need to install the RDS role on my server when Installing vSpace?

Do I need to install the RDS role on my server when Installing vSpace?

New vSpace Pro 11 installations should be performed on machines with fresh installs of supported Windows OS versions. vSpace Pro 11 relies on Remote Desktop Services thus the Remote Desktop Services must remain enabled after vSpace Server installation to ensure correct system operation. When installing vSpace Pro 11 on a standalone Windows Server (not belonging to Active Directory domain) the Remote Desktop Services will be automatically enabled during vSpace Server installation. 

When installing vSpace Pro 11 on a Windows Server joined to an Active Directory domain the Remote Desktop Services must be enabled prior to vSpace Pro 11 installation."
Excerpt from vSpace Pro 11 (11.2.0) Release Notes Page 7 

On the first scenario and as it is with most typical installations, vSpace is installed on a Workgroup or standalone Windows Server and the RDS role is enabled automatically during installation. 

On the second scenario, the server is joined to AD domain and the RDS role needs to be up and running before installing vSpace.  

REV 12/2018
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