Create a Trace Log for Debugging

Create a Trace Log for Debugging

Product Line:  VERDE


To create a trace log use the Linux "strace" command to trace system calls and signals.  


When more information is needed to investigate an issue, create a "strace" log as follows?

In Ubunu and SLES Linux Environment: 

  1. sudo apt-get install strace
  2. ps ax | grep win4cdahubd (find its pid)
  3. sudo strace -fp <pid-from-step-2> >/tmp/strace.txt 2>&1
  4. Reproduce the error
  5. send /tmp/strace.txt

In RHEL and CentOS Linux Environment: 

  1. yum install strace
  2. ps ax | grep win4cdahubd (find its pid)
  3. strace -fp <pid-from-step-2> >/tmp/strace.txt 2>&1
  4. Reproduce the error
  5. send /tmp/strace.txt

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