Configuring your VERDE 8.2.2+ (RPM) Server to Support vGPU

Configuring your VERDE 8.2.2+ (RPM) Server to Support vGPU

Product Line:  VERDE

Instruction to configure VERDE server to be able use the vGPU functional.

Upfront, many will ask, what GPU cards are compatible with VERDE.  Here's the official statement:

"We don't have a list of supported GPU cards...that would be really difficult to generate.  Basically, any modern GPU card - grid and single - should work with VERDE. We are simply relying on the base OS (CentOS 7.6+, RHEL) to recognize the GPU card - if that works then we also need to get drivers from the GPU card manufacturer.  The GPU card manufacture must provide appropriate drivers for the guest session OS (e.g., Windows 10). For example, if the customer wants to use Windows 7 32-bit with a GPU card they/we would need to check with the GPU card manufacturer to see if they provide drivers for Windows 7 32-bit."

1,  yum -y install pcituils
2. In the terminal perform next command “lspci -nn | grep VGA“ or  by vendor ID “lspci -nn | grep 10de” to get list of the VGA devices. And form the list of the devices that will be pass through into the virtual image. For example, based on the screen bellow for the NVIDIA GRID card we have 4 vGPU with the vendor and device ids [10de:0ff2]

Important: You must download and install the relevant drivers from the GPU video card manufacturer website. These drivers must be installed in the Gold Image to ensure that the GPU video card works correctly.

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