Configuring N-Series Network Printer

Configuring N-Series Network Printer

When setting up the N-Series devices for Network printers you will need to know the exact driver that is being used by your Citrix environment.  If the exact driver for you model of printer is not installed on the Citrix Server it will use the "default" driver for HP Color LaserJet. This driver may work, but if you need to specify the exact driver follow the steps below.

Select Settings icon on the N-Series device

Select the Peripherals Tab as indicated by 1 below, the follow steps 2 though 6. For Item 4 see instructions below to identify the driver

for item 4 - To Identify the exact driver

on the Citrix server, select Control Panel \ Printers, Single click on the printer to be added.  Item 1 below

Select Print Server Properties, Item 2 above

Select Drivers Tab, Item 1 above

Identify the Exact Driver name, Item 2 above. Enter this data into the Printer Make field indicated by Item 4 in Image 2

in this case replace Exact Driver Name with  HP Officejet Pro 8600 Class Driver

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