Configure RDP client as local custom application(s)

Configure RDP client as local custom application(s)

OLEAFOS and RX420(RDP) devices (with firmware version 3.7.3 or higher)the native RDP client can be configured as a local custom application to allow users to access multiple instances of RDP server hosts, or other local applications (e.g. Chromium browser).

The configuration requires specifying the corresponding RDP launcher to invoke the native RDP client.

The following parameters will need to be specified to configure the RDP launcher:


Display name<Some name> 

Icon path/opt/FreeRDP/rdp_icon.png
Command pathrx-rdp-launcher
Command parameters/v:<RDSH_address>



The 'Icon path' parameter is optional. When it will be set as above, a proper RDP icon will be displayed instead of a generic icon.

Launcher accepts the same parameters as the FreeRDP client. In simplest case only the /v: parameter is needed with server address. Multiple FreeRDP command line parameters can be added, separated with semicolons.


On LEAFOS(X86), the 'Application type' parameter needs to be additionally set to 'System application':



Multiple launchers can be defined. This will allow the user to see on the list and access multiple servers. Toggling will be possible with Ctrl-Alt-Arrow Up/Down.


Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated


Username and domain name can be pre-configured in Kiosk Mode > User auto-logon settings. RDP launcher takes into account (means automatically adds FreeRDP parameters) according to device's RDP connection, Display, Peripherals and Keyboard settings.


After starting the launcher, user will be prompted for the credentials: