Can GPU hardware be used to assist 'UXP Turbo' protocol encoding?

Can GPU hardware be used to assist 'UXP Turbo' protocol encoding?

Yes, the 'UXP Turbo' protocol enables GPU support.

The new 'UXP Turbo' protocol is supported on vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition (version 12.7.1 and higher) to provide enhanced desktop delivery experience for multimedia intensive use cases such as:
  1. 3D rendering,
  2. Smooth browser scrolling & video playback,
  3. Enhanced performance on multi-media intensive applications,
  4. Working in conjunction with vCAST streaming technology to offload traffic from vSpace host machines.
The supported clients include:
  1. RX300 (version 4.2.2 or newer)
  2. RX420(RDP) and RX-RDP+ thin clients (version 3.2.4 or newer)
  3. LEAFOS devices (version 3.2.4 or newer)
vSpace Pro Enterprise supports GPU hardware assist encoding on Nvidia GPU platforms and more recent Intel CPUs platforms (leveraging Intel Media SDK) for faster rendering while lowering CPU load.
Supported Intel CPU families with GPU hardware assist encoding are highlighted in RED below:

By default, when 'UXP Turbo' is enabled, software encoding will be used unless the admin specifically designates using GPU hardware encoding.

If your vSpace host machine is based on Nvidia GPU or Intel CPUs that belong to the processor family highlighted in RED above, you can use the instructions below to leverage the GPU for hardware encoding: 
Add registry value to:


Create a new registry key IddJpgEncoder with ‘String value’  ncnvjpg.dll,nch264enc.dll  

Please note "IddJpgEncoder" first letter is capital "i", and forth letter is capital ‘j’.

See screenshot below:

Next time the supported endpoint connects to the server then vSpace will use the hardware GPU if available.
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