After an Electrical Outage, an Obscure Error/Bug Can Result in Total Loss of VERDEOS Networking

After an Electrical Outage, an Obscure Error/Bug Can Result in Total Loss of VERDEOS Networking

Product Line: VERDE

There's a rather esoteric bug in VERDEOS.  Its occurrence is rather rare.  But, I'm providing the symptoms and the workaround/fix.

  1. This is specific to VERDEOS
  2. All the VERDEOS OVS NICS disappear. 

  3. Only the server's original NICS are seen when you run ifconfig (NETWORK0 and vbinat0 are missing). 

  4. if you attempt to start VERDE services, you receive a failure.  I’ve attached the two logs that indicate the errors.

  5. If you try to access the VERDE menu (/usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-menu), the install screen flashes and returns to the Linux prompt

To Resolve:

  1. The following file needs to be renamed:  var/lib/verde/VerdeNetConfig.pkl
  2. mv /var/lib/verde/VerdeNetConfig.pkl /var/lib/verde/VerdeNetConfig.pkl_back 
  3. Ensure VERDE service is stopped:  service VERDE stop
  4. Ensure none of VERDE services are running by executing the following (one at a time)
    1. ps -e | grep dhcpd
      ps -e| grep win4
      ps -e| grep verde
      ps -e| grep licsrv
  5. If a service is running, you'll see the following
    1. ps -e | grep dhcpd
      19147 ?        00:00:00 dhcpd
  6. Kill it with the command  kill -9 <PID>       kill -9 19147
  7. When none of the services are running, start the VERDE services:       service VERDE start
  8. Once VERDE comes back up, check ifconfig.
  9. If all of the VERDE (OVS) nics are not back, run through the verde-menu 
    1. /usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-menu
  10. And Reboot
  11. You should be back up and running.

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