Adding VLANs to VERDE (rpm) networking.

Adding VLANs to VERDE (rpm) networking.

Product Line:  VERDE

In order to implement VLANs, the customer's switch needs to be set up first to support the needed IP ranges.  Once that's completed, perform the following for each VLAN:

On the VERDE server, I do an ifconfig.  It shows that VERDE is installed on NIC em1 with the IP

Based on the NIC interace:  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-em1, we create a VLAN entitled 100.  To do this, we create the following file:

Take note to the mandatory settings.  The last one "BRIDGE-br0" actually points to the next required file:

Take note again to the required settings.  The IP Address, Netmask and Gateway values reflect what should be in your system's VLAN networking.

Now, restart networking (/etc/init.d/network restart) and you'll see the new virtual NICS:

Now, to bind the Virtual NICs to the respective network, you'll need to install the socat software:
#yum install socat
Once it has downloaded and installed, run the following:

# socat tcp-listen:48622,fork,reuseaddr,bind= tcp:
In the command, the VLAN's IP ( binds to the VERDE server IP (

Okay..  Now, you need to enter the BRIDGE interface file name in The VERDE Sessions Settings as follows:

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