Active Directory Authentication With Remote Access Session

Active Directory Authentication With Remote Access Session

Product Line:  VERDE

Here is the way to configure Remote Access using an Active Directory Username as follows:

FIRST, you must create a Verde Local User in Management Console with same Username and Password as the Active Directory Account
In the Desktop Policy, you enter individual USER Rules:
User/Group:             Enter the AD Username (without any reference to LDAP Connection and NO DOMAIN DESIGNATION)
                        Currently, there is NO WAY to enter a Group, since there is no convention to supply all the individual IP addresses.  This will change with the next release
Assignment Type:        You select [  ] Remote Access
Settings:               This is Session Settings.  You can use the built-in “Default_RA” or you can create a custom version.
PC IP Address:          IP address of the Target computer
PC Description: Enter anything meaningful
PC Domain name: This IS IMPORTANT.  This AD Domain is how Verde knows it is connecting to a Domain-joined Target computer.
NOTE:   There is no reference to an LDAP Connection.  Only the root AD Username.  The last field is how it knows to login to the Domain.
        The Target computer would have to already be JOINED to the Domain.
Example AD User account in the Domain:

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