Accessing the RX-300 and RX-RDP Linux Line Command to Collect the Client Logs

Accessing the RX-300 and RX-RDP Linux Line Command to Collect the Client Logs

Product Line:  VERDE

On the RX300 device please do the following to collect the logs:


  • Please open the Setup GUI, go to Peripherals section, select Custom settings and select ‘Native (RDP only)’ redirection for mass storage. Apply the settings. With that the RX300 will automatically mount connected USB mass storage devices. It is necessary for copying the log files collected in next steps.
  • In the GUI of the RX300 device please press the Ctrl-Win-F12 key-combination. This will open the ‘rx-terminal’ window.
  • It the ‘rx-terminal’ window please execute the ‘run-terminal’ command. This will open a second window, with Linux shell.
  • In Linux shell execute the ‘cd /opt/FreeRDP’ command to change the directory to /opt/FreeRDP.
  • Execute the ‘sudo su’ command to elevate the user’s permissions to ‘root’.
  • Execute the following command to make a backup copy of your existing xfreerdp.bin file:


cp xfreerdp.bin xfreerdp.bin.bak


  • Execute the following command to enable RDP client logs collection:


sed -i -e '/^\/opt\/FreeRDP\/xfreerdp/ s/$/ \/log-filters:com.freerdp.channels.urbdrc.client:TRACE 2>\&1 >> \/tmp\/xfreerdp.log/' xfreerdp.bin


  • With ‘cd /usr/bin’ change the current directory to /usr/bin.
  • Execute the following command to make a backup copy of your existing verde-client file:


cp verde-client verde-client.bak


  • Execute the following command to enable VERDE client logs collection:


sed -i -e '/LD_LIBRARY_PATH/ {s/^/WIN4_DBG_MOD_ALL=verbose /; s/$/ 2>\&1 >> \/tmp\/verde-client.log/}' verde-client


  • Let a user to log in and work until the barcode scanner will stop working. After logging the user off press Alt-Tab to switch back to the Linux shell window.
  • Connect a formatted USB memory stick to RX300’s USB port. Wait few second and with the ‘ls -al /media/*’ command confirm that the memory stick is accessible (list of its contents should appear).
  • Execute  the following commands to collect the logs:


dmesg > /tmp/dmesg.log

lsusb -v > /tmp/lsusb.log

volname=$(ls /media)

tar cvfz /media/$volname/logs.tar.gz /tmp/xfreerdp.log /tmp/verde-client.log /tmp/dmesg.log /tmp/lsusb.log /var/log/syslog


  • Wait a while until the OS finishes copying the files (the LED on memory stick, if there is any, should stop blinking). Unplug the memory stick and send the collected logs.tar.gz file to NComputing.
  • If you want to disable the collection of the logs please restore the two backup files created earlier.
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